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Mesquite installation for Windows

System Requirements: Java 1.6 or higher.

  1. If you have an older version of Mesquite, you may want to delete it (by deleting Mesquite_Folder), so as to avoid getting confused as to what version of Mesquite is starting up. First, however, you may want to take from Mesquite_Folder/mesquite any third party packages (e.g., PDAP, TreeSetViz) before deleting the directory.
  2. Mesquite requires Java to be installed. If you don't have it installed, Mesquite should ask you to install it the first time it runs. In case that doesn't happen, you can download Java from
  3. Download the latest version of Mesquite from the Mesquite Github repository. For Windows, use the file ending in .zip.
  4. Extract all of the files from the zip. You will see a Mesquite_Folder. Place this Mesquite_Folder where you want on your hard drive, though if it is in a folder that requires a password for you to modify, you may have problems updating in the future. The contents of Mesquite_Folder should be approximately as follows:

  1. Double click Mesquite.exe to start Mesquite. If you don't have Java installed, you will be asked to install it.
  2. Within the folder OtherWaysToStartMesquite are other executable files to start Mesquite, giving you different options for memory used. For instructions, see the file README-Starting Mesquite on Windows.txt
  3. The executable icons use the latest version of Java you have.

Requirements: Tested on Windows XP through Windows 7. Java 1.6 or later required.

More details of issues of using Mesquite under Windows are described in the Support page.
(Please email us (info {at} with questions or comments about downloading Mesquite).